Letra de la canción

March on this field of battle
Our presence,
The fields of rage grow quickly

Deny the god, Enemy, Iconoclasts' strike without mercy

Our Artillery reign's supreme
Strike with ungovernable force

Their soldiers lie slayed, in this place
Marching on, furiously, cease the moment to reload as
Your heart commands you to

Strike at will!
Patriots of fire march against the wind...

We are the fury, mighty from the black, destined to kill; we will strike you down....

... Attack... slice... maim... come on Patriots... of fire...
All... survivors... must... be murdered...
Sons of fire, bring your arms and assault
Their Soldiers lie dead, onward to....
World's apart, destiny, see the rage in our eyes on this battle field...

Forever the seas of unrest, within our grasp comes our glory...

They will see the end of their light
No man,
Will be out of the reach of our sights...

Push over the lines...
Forever fight for our liberty...

Letra añadida por: Croffort (#10.329)

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