Kross Vázquez

Letra de la canción

I wish I could tell you
That you represent all the bad things for me
But I cant, I don't dare to
Teach me, can you teach me?
Only the past can challenge
With the beauty of a picture of you
The fantasy will last and there will be no end
Can you teach me?
I want to inform myself I she thinks of me
If that thought is useful
But it doesn't even help
I know it doesn't exist...
Happy I have to be
I don't want to learn,
The process is painful,
But if you are not here
Nothing can I do
What if the best is coming now?(What if the best)
Distance will not exist anymore(Distance will not exist?
But that will never happen
It's too much to ask

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø) (#50)

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