Diana King

Letra de la canción

So many things I'm imagining
Even though nothing's happening yet
You take me places I've never been
Without even touching me
The way you move your body babe
Sends a tingling sensation
Oh my body's so tempted
But I don't want to let you in

I like what you doing to me but
It's just a little bit too much for now
I'm telling you you better stop
Or else you're gonna make my body hot
Boy, you think me want to give it up
I think of you inside my love and I
Think I gotta loosen up
Or, boy, you're gonna make my body hot

All the same something in me
Help me set my feelings free
Got me feeling so Iri
Oh, free and Iri
Still I might make a mistake
I don't want my poor heart to break
Then again, it might be too late
For me to get away


Is it emotional
Why I'm wanting you so much
Is it physical
Why I'm hungry for your touch
Is it sexual
Boy I'm curious about that
I really need to know
How you make my body so hot


Tingling Sensation
What a temptation
Oh the way you move de body
What a boy, sexy
Tingling Sensation, yes
What a temptation, yes
The way you move de body
Tem, tem, tem, temptation, yes
De way you move de body
You mesmerize me
De way you move de body
Sexy body, sexy body
Mesmerize me
What a temptation
And disavertion
You make my body hot
Sweet Jamaican Ending:
Give it to you
Me ah go give it to you
Ya know seh me love you fe true
Loosen up
You know me ah go loosen up

Letra añadida por: (#16)

Diana King
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