Canción 'Elementary' del disco 'Elementary' interpretada por Cindy Morgan

Elementary Letra

Cindy Morgan

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ELEMENTARY es una canción de Cindy Morgan del año 2001, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Elementary.

Letra 'Elementary'

Do you want to know what I'm thinking
When I talk to You really listen
When I go away do you miss me
Do You think that You could live without me?

It's the 123's of LOVE
It's elementary, it's elementary
ABC's of You and me
It's elementary, it's elementary

Do I really care how Your day went
Is time spent with You time that's well spent
Is Your heart the first thing on my list
Do You have a smile I cannot resist

Where ever you are
God sees your heart
He'll show you where you belong
Make your love stronger

It's elementary, it's elementary
Back to the basics of love
It's elementary, it's elementary

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