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It is always night in the city
For those who seek freedom
The same story that I give
And people want to awaken ..
Chains, without strings, without strings yeah yeah yeah yeah

Awaken the sun and with my voice
I want your light shine in my eyes
As pure as water flowing in a river
So my brother dream that is our way
Speaking sometimes no opposition in this life
I know that for me and for you is to arrive at the end
It is the echo of the soul that makes shedding tears
They are chains that claim freedom
If we could always have love and truth
But as water beyond my hands
When I feel that here are
Inalcanzables exits looking in the dark
Just see the light of the Lord Jesus
To all who say they have mercy
Breathe looks walks without strings life in a way nothing else


Break the chains that tie your soul
Seek freedom and love hidden
Hear the cry of the people it asks you to hope
You are the chosen child
All of you are my brother, my dear
God is the light that guides your way
Put your head up and everything is not really lost
Do not look back
Lands, death, greed, greed
The land becomes a world of filth
Innocent people die every day
Because of the confrontation of power
Seek peace seeking ways of freedom
Without strings is the motto
THE MYTH The world nation
A people without a war without borders without shit
So much so corruption anger
So long as many sleepless nights
In my life am in penalty trasformándolas in poems
My chains are running through your veins
Surely we are turning something together
In this world contaminated by dirty
Diseases, wealth, pobresa, wars
No more flags, black
Souvenirs you condemn
That is the beginning and end of a new field
And I wake up and begin a new story
That is the hard stark reality
That influence by opening doors to your freedom imprisonment
In your freedom perpetual imprisonment, imprisonment


Chains, without strings, without strings
No strings, no strings, no strings without strings

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