A Second Glance de A Day to Remember

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A Day to Remember

'A Second Glance' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco And Their Name Was Treason.


'A Second Glance'

This is for you (this is for you)
You're the one worth waiting for
You're all I ever needed in this life

Lets sneak out the back, so we can see
What it took to bring us here and be here
So reminded of better days
When we were both happy

Words can't express
The impact you've made on me
In my entire life
And all I can say is that I love you
For everything it serves out

'Cause I try
So hard to make this right (right)

You've got my back on the wall

After all you've put me through
My friends still stay true

Your reign is over
Why couldn't you prove me wrong

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