Todo mi universo - Creencias

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Creencias Letra

She kisses her brunette virgin
just wake up every morning,
she walks the street
but never go under a ladder.

She looks football on TV
and in the same chair he always sits,
she puts her slip of rough
inside the shoe and walk very loose,

She has my love forever
and know that I do nothing without it
but 13 does not want me
I miss her and I can not understand it.

For me she looks so sweet
I love that all my oddities
and when I looked it gets so mine
with these customs with those beliefs
I just believe that is true
and run through everything you want
and although it always touch wood
I know I will love her for a lifetime.

She uses her shirt backwards
as a good luck charm
she bet seven full
although roulette will leave a letter

She crosses the street terrified
because a black cat look closely
she asks quietly desire
when a star from the sky falls.

she has my love forever
and I know nothing of these
but fingers crossed kissing
and calls never live without it

She crosses fingers kissing
although he knows that he would never live without it.

Datos de esta canción

CREENCIAS es una canción de Axel del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Todo mi universo. Agradecemos a katya_meli por haber sudido la letra de Creencias (en inglés).