Homie: yo acid show us some shit
ight. yo i am chillin like a villin. i am broke ass f*** too ill be willin to do anything for a buck i might as well just start da killin.
Become a hit man. my fan pop is failing and dan left me because he got a wife in his life.
I am like a slave to the trade. i am broke ass f*** but got mad rhymes yet they are doing shit for me. i keep on getting bugged. all i want to be is left alone so ill guess ill be gone
But yet i get more phone calls then 1-800-free-sex. i need a quick fix so i think ill get some dro with at my girl's bro house. hop in the lexus with my home dog and take on 1-75 with the speakers blazin and me and him be battling. but i got more folks following us like i am the only flow they wanna hear so i say gets this lexus rolling. it's cooling down now.
I pull up on my girls bro house pop out. but i see something is wrong. i grab my glock and a check the time with my clock. see me a flock of pigs on their way. so i roll on out of thurr. and get my ass home.


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