[music: daniel mongrain]
[lyrics: daniel mongrain]
"virtual emotions, masquerades and manipulations."
You think you're sophisticated
you're only scratching my surface
you can barely reach the bottom
which is the highest you can go
You think you can manipulate me
that's what i want you to believe
those emotions which you think are yours
are born from your imagination
What you feel is not real
virtual emotions
what you feel isn't real
virtual emotions
Suffering makes me live
i want to feel the pain
pulsating through the deepest part of me
for as long as it takes
these wounds without scars
which you inflict upon me
only feed me, your nemesis
[lead: daniel mongrain]
The world you have created
the roles which you play
make me believe they're much too real
they seem much too real
Your whole life is but an illusion
don't try to blame anyone at all
this great illusion you dare call life
will disappear with you
you will realize your monumental mistake
but it will be too late



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