Jennifer Knapp

Letra de la canción

I think about the waves of time and how they roll across my shoulders.

thinkin no clock is gonna get the best of me. Minutes threaten through the

years. to carve wrinkles with my tears. Across the face with straining eyes

to see..They're looking for the peace that passes all understanding. In a

world so crazed with fear. They say that I am much to demanding to want

a better place than here. So I'll go unto visions of the prophets claim to me

and I'll dream of Heaven the promise in which I believe. Was made by the

Father...sealed by the blood....with the promise of spirit. My victory is

won. Outside are dogs and scoffers. who mock my very soul. They steal

the Joy of the promise I own. But I will not be shaken from the rock that

cleaves to me. I have searched the world and found. there's one thing I

need. it's the.. Won't no lion catch me sleepin. Not not in the darkest

night. Can I say the same for you?

Jennifer Knapp
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