Big, Blonde & Beautiful (Reprise) Letra



Big, Blonde & Beautiful (Reprise) (Letra/Lyrics)

VELMA: Those lips, those eyes
EDNA: That food,
Well there ain't nothin' like a spread, to get you,in the mood
VELMA: Wilbur can't you feal the burning flame of hot desire,
your gonna need more than some seltzer to put out this fire!
EDNA: I'm wailing "Look out ol' Baltimore"
VELMA: I'm selling something you can't purchase,
at a ten cent store
EDNA: Oh Wilbur I feel like a princess!
Come on and take me to the ball
VELMA: I bet your tired of heavy lifteng,
get your hand on something small-uh

EDNA: Becasue I'm, Big
VELMA: Blonde
EDNA & VELMAN: And beautiful
JUNTAS: It's time to face the facts
it's inrefutable
VELMA: Why waste one more minute?
EDNA: Now I feel brand spanking new
JUNTAS: And wilbur take a look it's all for
EDNA: You!?

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BIG, BLONDE & BEAUTIFUL (REPRISE) es una canción de Hairspray. Agradecemos a joakinroa por haber sudido la letra de Big, Blonde & Beautiful (Reprise).