Sold Out

Letra de la canción

Let’s go home and let’s have fun, don’t worry baby I’m a good man
My girlfriend’s out, relax, don’t panic, everything’s gonna be all right

“I don’t accept a denial
Squeeze the lemon baby
I’m sure you won’t regret”

I realized that she was awesome when she took her T-shirt off
She got down on her knees and whispered something that really made me hot

“Make me wild
Squeeze the lemon baby
Grab it well, have fun”

Last week I met with my friends to watch a film at home in town
Surprise, she was the girl who licked my body from up to down

“She was a star
Squeeze the lemon baby
She was a porn star”
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: rocky_7

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