Letra de la canción

The rainy days my toys come alive.
Large nails are like tips of cement.
How to tell when one does not have 16 years,
To rid the bed, will be no longer the flavor of zan.

Why the lives of rags, words of love,
They are so short. I dream big, as the elephant
Dream immense. Belly round, deep eyes.
My question bears Why?
Their friendship is hard to say that lasts a lifetime.
Then you ...

Speaking lowest, to find the missing words.
Talking about everything, talk to me, to find the rest.
His arms: tenderness. He has a heart inside another.
It is the object of my heart. For him, my poem,
In this inanimate world.

The rainy days my toys come alive.
The big laughs are, you hit the switch.
Why the love which dissolved,
I have a partner. I mean,
And it is not a joke, even if it sounds ridiculous, love it

Letra añadida por: Lokkoo (#31.479)

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