Behind Your Mask del álbum 'Labyrinth'

Behind Your Mask


La canción 'Behind Your Mask' se estrenó en 2007. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Labyrinth

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I see the fear in your eyes
You try to hide your pain from me
I can see behind your mask
You got a fragile heart of glass

Black tears are running down your face
But I will hold you in my arms
Nothing can divide our love
I will always be with you

There is nothing in this world
That you ever wanted more
Just someone to fight for you
When your life begins to crumble

Let me be the one you dream of
The one to hold you when you fall
The one the chase your nightmares away
The one to guide you to the end

I am not an angel
I am not a god
But I can give you all
‘cause I love you.

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