Hanoi Rocks

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My latest obsession’s called deep depression
I’m hurt
Someone stepped on my toes once upon a time
I’m hurt
Someone made a joke and i’m the punch line
They said i’m just a legend in my own lunch time
Last summer was a bummer, didn’t even get a tan,
I’m hurt
Damn right, yeah

I’m hurt – so, so bad
I’m hurt – way down deep
I’m hurt
Been burned just once too many times
And i’m hurt

People look at me like they could crucify me
It hurts
With the kinda friends i got – i don’t need no enemies
That hurts
I got the irs and bill collectors always on my tail
Whenever i’m in trouble all my best friends bail
Anything i try, they say i’m always gonna fail
It hurts...

I’m hurt – way down deep
I’m hurt – it knocks me off my feet
I’m hurt - when you dig your dirt
Been burned just once too many times
And i’m hurt

Music has no business in the music business here,
It hurts
Some managers and lawyers really screwed up my career
It still hurts
Daggers in my back, i’m in the tabloids on the rack
Again my personality is under attack
The painkillers they prescribed me, they don’t even work!
I’m hurtin’, i’m hurtin’

I’m hurt!

Still after all these years...

Letra añadida por: creed_one (#459)

Hanoi Rocks
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