Missy Elliot


Yes I´ve changed again, baby
Changed.. changed..
Changed, the games, that I, used to play
Play.. leavin when I stay
Woo! Ohhh, ooooh, baby
I´ve changed - I said that I´ve changed
I said I´ve changed - the games, ain´t the same
They ain´t the same
I´ve changed - the pressure wasn´t greatener
on the, other, siiiiide-ide-ide-ide

[Missy + (Mo)]
Aight aight aight Mo chill (cause I know I´ve changed)
Yo Mo (I know I´ve changed, baby I swear I´m changed)
Yo Mo chill (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Yo chill, you singin like you
You singin like you in church raisin money (I´ve changed)
for some choir rows or somethin (I´ve changed, I´ve changed)
You changed? I´m bout to change to a new track (ohhh-oooh)

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