Missy Elliot

'Higher Ground' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Miss E ...So Addictive.


See, I had to make a record that
Give thanks to my Lord Savior in Jesus Christ
A lot of people are quick to criticize me
for the kind of music I sing but
See they don´t change the belief
hat I have an God, yaknowhatI´msayin?
Cause when my friends forsake me
who´s there to listen to me without complaining?
Nobody but Him, uhhh

Please don´t judge me
Cause I´m not perfect (I´m not perfect)
And please don´t judge me if I´m not in church on Sunday

I´m movin´ (I´m movin´ on)
And I´m pressin´ (I´m pressin´ on)
To the other way (To the other way)
Ohhhh (to, higher, ground)
I´m pressin´ (I´m movin´ on)
I´m movin´ (I´m pressin´ on, yea)
Tooooo (to the other way)
(to, higher, ground)

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