Letra de la canción

It's easy on the eye
When the truth turns into lies
Don't protect yourself from shame
\"I'm not the one to blame\"
Feel the pain they hold inside
See the grief behind their pride
Still their love won't ever die
And tonight it feels alright

You don't understand
My back against the wall
I ever seem to fall
You don't understand
You don't understand
I never hear you call
I was made for falling down

The moon relieves against the sky
Shapeless faces pass me by
I hate to see the part I play
But at night all cats are grey
Get undressed and hold me tight
When the dark defeats the light
Then my love may even die
But at night I feel alright

You don't understand

The things that made me fall
The things that I might say
I never hear you call
I never feel again

Letra añadida por: (#15)

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