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[static - police starts talking]
i wanna run, i've been runnin for some time now
my time has come, i think i'll turn myself in now
I wanna run, ohh, i've been runnin for some time now
my time has come, i think i'll turn myself in now
wake up and kiss my baby, grab my weed and my gun
load and cock it & blaze one up, that's how it be on the run
more money more problems, no money yo problems aint gone die
put 5 in the tank, i'm high & i'm bad news, don't ask me for no ride
when i look at my daughter & son & i see me in their eyes
it hurt so bad i hope the mistakes i made will keep them alive
i keep pushin looking for a lick to hit shit i need some cheese
gotta go no sleepin for me momma i gotta leave
and if god is on my side then one day soon i'll get where i gotta be
i'm free aint nothin gone stop me from seein what i gotta see
not even me
the day i cop a ?? gone be the day that i can't even breathe
all the shit that i go through, if i could show you, you wouldn't believe
all i got is my bible & me and this rifle my last name aint mavoe
i'm just a survivor
been gone from home so long some folks thank that i died
it's cool and if i don't get rich i'm thankful that i alive besides
i got a warrant out for me, and i'm walkin a thin line
i got a warrant out for me, and i'm walkin a thin line
i'm runnin with tha same ol' car, the same ol' girl
a little bit of money in a insane world
i got a (sniff) warrant out for me & i'm walkin a thin line
it's strictly for survival this time
still i do not want what's yours unless it's rightfully mine
it really just aint no words at least that i can define
for how i feel lord please some sight to the blind
cause i'm scrambling down the same road
travelin in the same clothes
feelin 2 million days old can't let all this take hold
cuz see i always saw myself as just a little more special than
these sappy crappy no rappin whoever's collectin fans
i'm doin the best i can i just need a better plan
i still aint in peace with flyin cuz my plane has yet to land
i'm runnin & runnin my stomach's grumbling but i aint
hungry enough that i'm just disgusted because i can't
ever make what i thank translate into what i say
unless i pour this vodka in that big cup & chug away
i wanna just run away from what i've become today
a rebel with a warrant & his name is say bubba k.
[timbaland's chorus]
this is heart it aint a verse pick yo fruit name yo curse
with all the pain that is life dyin hurts lyin's worse
drive my hearst down 85 to momma's house in lagrange
drop me off on the porch then send my off in a plane
forget my name 'till god arrives to show all y'all what bubba meant
to tamper with how we wrote the script clearly don't make fuc*** sense
there's not a thing that's pure to me it's contaminated by your device
cause a wise man once said eternity's and let go of life
[female's chorus 2x's]
[timbaland says 'ooh' 4x's after the second go round then he says ,'i'm thankful i'm alive']
[timbaland's chorus]
i got a warrant out for me, and i'm walkin a thin line
i got a warrant out for me, and i'm walkin a thin line
[timbaland starts singin the ladies' with her 1x]
ohh, i'm thankful i'm alive!
[timbaland] and the lady together
(i get a warrant out for me) i wanna run
i've been runnin for some time now
(i get a warrant out for me) night time has come
(i'm thankful i'm alive) i think i'll turn myself in now
(i get a warrant out for me,and i'm walkin a thin line)
i wanna run, i've been runnin for some time now
my time has come (i'm thankful i'm alive) i think i'll my self in now

Bubba Sparxxx





Bubba Sparxxx

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