Cartel De Santa, Vol. 1 - Asesino de asesinos

Asesino de asesinos
en inglés

Cartel de Santa


Asesino de asesinos Letra

murder of murderers as ra and I eliminate them
for that alone they are mie*** being in the way in the road
my destination this in the sima to make better rhymes
while here in the tomb they get you off the platform
don't spend the saliba wanting to compete for that of the soul
when being born I am the best mc`s you go away of here that your rap
it is disgusting lousy blackish scullion it already jumps
of that well 10 years and you don't know like one makes
a good hip-hop novice conosco that give you
a lesson listens my vozy well you are already quiet the osico
lousy circus monkey that I am your tamer
my whip is the flou that causes you those wounds
you are looking for fame challenging to the artillery
dirt that you believed I am the real emesias
you have me envy for that I am the stigma the enigma
that siembra to all your henchmen with single 2 sentences me desago
of their aces breezes they open up and they break the style of murderous fools
that they wanted to play now with me with my edge I will eliminate you
in the control room you came closer to greet mentras that from behind
us these wanting death but in that moment

""chido wishes them a lot of luck" "
defrente is a joto you lack many eggs
and a lot but you lack to end up being good
you don't arrive neither to fart and you say that a mie***
fat porfavor already vetoes a lot to the ve***
that I am arto of listening all your estupideses
you paid a high price with very high interests
it is not necessary that heads to the real emesias
you were completed the desire he/she already answers you the rhymes
and deci to your gang that your eras the best
now they put veladoras to the mega rimador
bony yop yop yop
they were not able to a lot with my flou
fewer rot with all my battalion
I am the action I am the glory in my micro the victory
I have but audacity that the camboya moles
I am the pot where hierben the mc`s
when they try to come closer with their micro to combat
me the step here all together of one in one
my rhyme to the king big neptuno as atila the one
vicible like the smoke of a forest fire
you shit in the calsones when I loose my fristail
ayayai ayayai
in the hand I bring a maick and in the eyes
of hell of the one that I want to face
you go pa after in retroseso
as they make the crabs
even memory the advice that some day gave me
my old one to pay attention to such an alone pendejo is
engrandeserlo feels gigantic for that in
2 minutes 28 have just made it

Datos de esta canción

ASESINO DE ASESINOS es una canción de Cartel de Santa del año 2003, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Cartel De Santa, Vol. 1. Agradecemos a asesinos de asesinos por haber sudido la letra de Asesino de asesinos (en inglés).