Speakerphone Letra y Canción

Kylie Minogue

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SPEAKERPHONE es una canción de Kylie Minogue que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco X.




Light - flashing
Sound - clashing
Mind - blowing
Body - rocking

Eyes - locking
Lips - touching
Hearts - pumping
Pressure - rising

Breath - taking
Rump - shaking
Music - make you
Loose control

Playing on your Speaker phone
Track repeat go on and on

Drop your socks n grab your
mini boom box - do the
pop lock - body rock
let the beat drop til you're
shell shocked - baby what?
tell me what you got - rock
hard like a cinderblock

Through your
Head bone tempel bone
through your jaw bone to your
neck bone collar bone
let it go on to your
back bone - movin on
through your hip bone when you're
Playing on your Speaker phone
Track repeat go on and on


With your friend or on your own
on the street or in your home
Feel the buzz and hum along
Playing on your Speaker phone

Let the stars collide

Stop - Your pockets going
ring-a-ding-dong Turn your
thing on speaker phone
We can get it on set your
mind on freaky mode
where you wanna go feel the
buzz grow let it blow


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