Disco 'Always Leave the Ground' (2005) al que pertenece la canción 'We Always Rewind The Best Part'

We Always Rewind The Best Part

This Day & Age


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If you go
i'll wait for you
you wouldn't drive without a key
you can't live if you don't bleed
you try to run
but there's no peace without me
I know that you will wish i was there
(someday, someday, someway)
wishing i knew your every care
(someday, someday, someway)
Paint the walls your favorite shade of blue
i hope all your dreams come true
I will be renewed
i won't waste your time anymore
i finally put a lock on our closed door
and you will not break through
we'll try to put smiles on our face
and see who is the quickest
to replace our lost and broken love.

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