Canción 'Cut-Off Jeans Girl' interpretada por Goin' Places

Cut-Off Jeans Girl Letra

Goin' Places

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CUT-OFF JEANS GIRL es una canción de Goin' Places.

Letra 'Cut-Off Jeans Girl'

I see you with your Daisy Dukes on
and I thought to myself you are the one
I wish I had the balls to say something to you
but instead I said nothing at all

You took a pair of scissors and cut your best jeans
By the way you looked I'd say you're in your late teens
Must girls won't dare to wear those really short shorts
but you don't seem to mind at all

I wish you were mine
Will you be mine
You're looking fine
All of the time

You're just a Cut-Off Jeans Girl

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