Lee Roy Parnell


You walked in and found her with tears in her eyes
She couldn't tell you exactly why
There ain't nothing wrong but there ain't nothing right
Try to figure it out boy you're wastin' your time

All it takes is a tender moment
A loving word or the touch of your hand
What she needs is a tender moment
Let her know you'll always be her man
That's the kind of thing a woman understands

[ guitar ]
It's a fast lane world that we're livin' in
Sometimes love takes a little tailspin
But it don't take much to straighten it out
A little affection's all I'm talkin' about

All it takes is a tender moment...

[ guitar ]
Every day she needs to hear you love her so
So take the time to let her know

It ain't a brand new house it ain't a diamond ring
Big bank accounts don't mean a thing
She's still gonna need what money can't buy
Someone to hold her when she needs to cry

All it takes is a tender moment...
All it takes is a tender moment...