Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes


La canción 'Whatever It Takes' se estrenó en 2001. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Satellite

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[chorus: (repeat 2x)

whatever it takes - (and) we gots to seperate
whatever it takes - all these true from the fakes
whatever it takes - (and/cause) this is how we show and prove
whatever it takes - cause we ain't got nothin to lose

whatever it takes..
face to face with aggression, de-bolish and molish the opposition
armored to be the stronger and conquer my competition
this ammunition, fills a vision that makes decisions
i told you once before but it's obvious you didn't listen
so listen closely, or next time you wanna quote me
and take my advice, you'd be wise to not approach me
and learn your lesson, hit this class and you're over session
found the test and had no idea with whom you're messin..

[chorus 1/2]

transformin the mindset, but how quickly do those forget
one hundred miles to run and ain't even broken a sweat
until the death, we won't settle for nothin less
no need to creep you knew we was comin but still you slept
but it's time to rise up was just built up from deep inside
actin like you was down now that leads to a collide
best to recognize, starin at me, because you shook
whatever it takes, is what it took..

.. {whatever it takes .. [modulated 7x]

this is our house..
and this is where we live..
and ain't nobody..
gonna mess with us, in our house..
this is our house..
(this is our house..)


whatever it takes! - [repeat 5x]

whatever it takes.. whatever it takes..
this is our house..
this is our house!
this is our house!
this is our house!
this is our house..
this is our house..
our house..
whatever it takes.. whatever it takes..

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