Lookin through my window
up at you in the doorway
can't believe this is happening
every night we say goodbye
and every night you almost cry
but now it wont be every night
I can see you on the weekends but im not sure if thats enough, and i pray we'll stay together but i dont think that we need luck think of me when i am not around
If seeing is believeing
then im sure that this will work
icq and aol, but it will still be hard at first
no more calling you real early just to hear your voice
believe me that i love you but i have no other choice
i'll see you when i can, but it might be hard to get home
and i'll promise you christmas, but the rest i just don't know
think of me when i am not around
one more time losing my mind
here i go again
im sorry i could not be
here for you all the time
And then the last kiss goodbye,
you smile and wipe your tears away
i know this will be hard but we'll be fine
..call me at nine..

fuente: musica.com

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