Wham! Rap 86 del álbum 'Music from the Edge of Heaven'

Wham! Rap 86


La canción 'Wham! Rap 86' se estrenó en 1986. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Music from the Edge of Heaven


Hey everybody take a look at me,
i've got street credibility,
i may not have a job,
but i have a good time,
with the boys that i meet "down on the line"
I don't need you
so you don't approve,
well, who asked you to?
hey, jerk you work
this guy's got better things to do
i ain't never gonna work, get down in the dirt
i choose, to cruise
gonna live my life, sharp as a knife
i've found my groove and i just can't lose
i'm style from head to toe
cool cat flash gonna let you know
i'm a soul boy - i'm a dole boy -
take pleasure in leisure, i believe in joy!
i am!
a man!
job or no job
you can't tell me that i'm not
enjoy what you do?
if not
just stop!
don't stay there and rot!
Party nights, and neon lights
we hit the floors, we hit the heights
dancing shoes, and pretty girls
boys in leather kiss girls in pearls!
hot - damn! everybody, let's play!
so they promised you a good job - no way!
one, two, three, rap!
c'mon everybody, don't need this crap!
If you're a pub man
or a club man
maybe a jet black guy with a hip hi-fi
a white cool cat with a trilby hat
maybe leather and studs is where you're at
make the most of every day
don't let hard times stand in your way
give a wham give a bam but don't give a damn
'cos the benefit gang are gonna pay!
Now reach up high and touch your soul
the boys from wham! will help you reach that goal
it's gonna break your mama's heart (so sad)
it's gonna break your daddy's heart (too bad)
just throw the dice and take my advice
'cos i know that you're smart
can you dig this thing? (yeah!)
are you gonna get down? (yeah!)
say wham! wham!
say bam! bam!
Chorus x3
Do you wanna work
are you gonna have fun
do you wanna be a jerk
are you gonna stay young
Everybody say wham!
say bam!
everybody say wham!
say wham! bam!
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