Laura Pausini Featuring Kevin

The night if goes
E we are now here,
A little tired but
Nomadic and free
With the soul that is
In balance on the world
The car that goes
E we remain
We on the city,
Rebels and gypsies
Looking truth
E an emotion that in gives them
All the energy
Not to stop and to speed up

ref.: It is a world that if it moves,
But it does not know well where.
It is made as I, it is my generation
E has its words, to count to the heart
Messages in code written on the walls of the city

E in we find them later
For the road and inside of the bars,
To be between us
In feeling them free
Of this reality,
That it does not know more to understand,
Not even the half,
Of everything what it has in the heart.

ref.: It is a world that if moves
In each direction
It is made as I, it is my generation
E has always a song to liberate pain
Dedicated messages in code in a night in the city

The same eyes, the same heart
Of a done generation as I,
Same rain, the same sun
You know that one another one as this not, does not have.

It is a wave of the sea, that breaks the barriers,
E looks a reply of itself inside,
E is enough this idea to recognize,
A gesture and one to look at that
Alone already it speaks for us.

The same anger
The same love

choir: it is a world
Of a generation that if moves
Made as I but it does not know well where
The same dreams,
Same pain,
I am made as
Because, he knows, one another one
As this not
He does not have
it is my generation
The same eyes,
The same heart
Of a generation
Made as I.
it is a world that if
Same rain, moves
The same sun,
in each direction
You know one another one
As this
I am made as
Not, he does not have
it is my generation
fuente: musica.com

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