Be The Revolution del álbum 'Hot Trip To Heaven'

Be The Revolution

Love And Rockets

La canción 'Be The Revolution' se estrenó en 1994. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Hot Trip To Heaven

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What's coming down, what's going up
I see walls coming down and walls going up
Rave on as the empires fall
Corporations crash and kings are made to crawl

The red flag comes down, the left in demise
The blue flag goes up, the right on the rise
A flaming cross and a swastika
There's one way out and the road is on fire

We can fly on wings of thought
Start a revolution to take us higher

Be the revolution - now
Be the revolution - now

What's going down, what's coming up
What's going down here, and what's coming up
There's no such thing as solid ground
This given had been taken, a mass confusion's found

Short lived utopia
This blood of peace forsaken and been replaced by xxxx
In which direction there's asylum there
Where there's a man with blindfold and a pair.

Refugees of the transitional
Now that we have nothing, we can begin

To be the revolution - now
Be the revolution - now

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