Vaffaculo - Marco Masini

Vaffaculo en inglés

Marco Masini


Vaffaculo (en inglés)

If I look in the mirror I
With the time that has passed
I am only slightly more old,
Less poor, but tired.

These are the confessions
A singer known,
With very few occasions
Try to be myself.

I walked away from the studies,
To live my dreams,
Without thinking that there was disgust
And the cross of my biggest.

I was one of those kids
Indolentes dreamers,
That the councils and desoyen
Respond between teeth ...

Vaffanculo, Vaffanculo!

But the music is evil
Is a nest of snakes,
Few reach the goal,
There are many who are lost.

Then there are those who know
Business songs,
Those who say, "You do not vouchers,
You do not have a position. "
Masini .. Vaffanculo!

No amount whether he suffered,
If life is not over whether.
Without music I am so fuc***
Who do not get the love that's in me.

Nobody knows which is true
In a world of lies,
If I see everything black
No song that stands.

We are all conformists
Transvestites rebels,
We Lobos interviews
Against poor innocent.

Do you have your love
Reckless in his letters,
Because dream in colors,
Because they believe in the singers.

But one day they wake up,
And watch a magazine
With your picture on the cover,
Think - this is a story -.

Watch ..
Vaffanculo! Vaffanculo!

I dimito false false poet,
Prophet of my fan club,
I am not nor output, or target,
Each will have theirs.

Already the rumour or hear their cries,
Try to librarles me,
This insane sings on his records
The desire for love is on me.

But enough ... I am tired,
I am not just ... Vaffanculo!

This afternoon I discovered
To look in the mirror
I am much more sincere
That the mask that I have.

And at the end desperate,
Face to face me repeat:
My enemy disguised
Where have you been hiding?
Vaffanculo! Vaffanculo!

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