Bruce Dickinson

Letra de la canción

You wanna know where legends live?
At the rainbows end I’ll be there
There’s a place in innerspace
That’s where I´ll get to you
I’m not the shy retiring kind
I´m like a supernova for the blind
I used to sit at God´s right hand
But I quit that show to do my one night stands

Coming outta nowhere
I’m a Godhead rider
You won’t see my face no more
My machine has left the floor.
Leave my rivals in the dirt
I´ve seen your world and I got the shirt
Before I leave and go my way
I loved it but I couldn’t stay
There’s nothing left for you to feel
Just remember me

You might see me in Tokyo
To the rings of Saturn hey..let´s go
And you can trip all the lights with me
But your one time chance is never free
I´ll see you baby once again
Maybe 3 score years and ten
I´ll be driving a different ship
That when I´ll take you down,
For your final trip

Letra añadida por: creed_one (#900)

Bruce Dickinson
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