Kevin Ray

Letra de la canción

The first time i laid eyes on you
was the summer after school
you were just about to leave
when i walked over to you
we started talking and laughing
then all of a sudden
out of the blue
sparks flew up in the heavens
right there in the magic moment
our lips touched close together
that's when it all came about
we were two young lovers
staring at each other
standing there kissing
when we touched, we knew it was forever
when we touched, our souls became one
when we touched, it was like magic
just to get lost in the beauty of it all
it was all worth while
when we touched
The week went by
then the weekend came
we were gonna be together
we had the whole weekend
just to ourselves, just by ourselves
we're gonna go out
and paint the town red
we're gonna go dancing
gonna see a movie
but we just can't wait til the end of the night
when we'll be...
touching each other
holding each other
loving each other
like we used to do
we'll be side by side
hand and hand
all night long
just touching each other
At the end of each week
we know
that when the weekend rolls around
we'll be...
touching each other
kissing each other
snuggling by the fire we made
just to keep us warm
spending every minute in love
By touching each other
holding each other
all night long
never letting go of you or me
kissing each other
is what we love to do
touching each other set's our souls on fire
and brings us closer together
Then it's back to
touching each other
kissing each other
holding each other
all night long
touching each other
dreaming with each other
of being in your arms
and holding you tight
Dreaming of each other
(repeat until fade out)

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Kevin Ray
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