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[Lil' Flip:]

[Lyfe Jennings:]
Uh [x8] (talk to em Lyfe) uh [x4] (talk to em Lyfe) uh [x4]

[Chorus x2: Lyfe Jennings]
I just can't go..... I just can't stay... I just can't, you just wont
I just can't get away.......

[Lil' Flip:]
Ghetto mindstate!
At 15 I was making moves
Drinking beer shooting dice at school
when most niggas had a 9 to 5 shit
on the block we making 9 to 5 grand...
each day yeah we got cheap yay (holla)
My niggas on lock they called me on 3 way
The hood hot like a crock pot
Dope fiends cutting yards for a 20 piece of crack rock
Around my way aint nobody watching matlock
We trynna hot wire cars and break pad locks
Turn soft to hard drop it in glad locks
And drive flashy cars and get mad props
And still I wont change
Last week they caught my patna with a block of caine
And can't no amount of money stop the pain
They gave him 35 years his momma went insaine

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' Flip:]
Ghetto mindstate!
Coming up with no father figure
I guess that made me a harder nigga (why?)
Cuz I dont like to ask for shit
When I came in the game with a half a brick (yes!)
But I aint telling lil' kids to go that route
But is on TV everyday like they dont know that route
And Lil girls being fast
Being grown trynna Flirt
Leaving home wearing pants
then change in to a skirt
I live in the ghetto I stay in the ghetto (yeah!)
Run up grown Im spraying that metal
Cuz aint shit sweet around my way
All I know is one thing how to get paid (yeah!)
With Lyfe on the hook I know we got another hit
This motivational music
I know you feeling this (ey!)
And i was raised in a church
But were Im from you gotta do that work

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' Flip:]
Why everybody trynna bring me down
because of me they respect H-town
Look I was here when yall wouldnt around
The first week you did a alright
But then that shit went down
Why everybody trynna bring me down
because of me they respect H-town
Look I was here when yall wouldnt around
The first week you did a alright
But then that shit went down!!

[Lyfe Jennings:]
They tell you you were born to die
Yo momma she was born to cry
Yo woman she was born to lie
Hold you down so you can't rely
I tell you that its all a lie
Young nigga You just gotta try
Keep your eyes up on the sky
Don't let your dreams pass you by
Cuz somebody said

Lil' Flip



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