Whistle Down The Wind del álbum 'In Deep'

Whistle Down The Wind

Tina Arena

La canción 'Whistle Down The Wind' se estrenó en 1997. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco In Deep


Whistle down the wind
Let your voices carry
Drown out all the rain
Light a patch of darkness
Treacherous and scary

Howl at the stars
Whisper when you're sleepy
I'll be there you hold you
I'll be there to stop
The chills and all the weeping

Make it clear and strong
So the whole night long
Every signal that you send
Until the very end
I will not abandon you my precious friend

So try and stand the tide
Then you'll raise a banner
Send a flare up in the sky
Try to burn a torch
And try to build a bonfire

Every signal that you send
Until the very end
I'm there

So whistle down the wind
For I have always been
Right there
Oh yeah

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