Canción 'Desde el dia que naci' interpretada por Colo-Colo

Desde el dia que naci
en inglés


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DESDE EL DIA QUE NACI es una canción de Colo-Colo.

Desde el dia que naci (en inglés)

Since the day I was born I became a fan-COLO COLO

I always encourage that is the best of all Albo

Vayas where you all continue parteste

We champion, I want to win


Culiarme the hollow chuncho

Let the Albos not fallen into your swollen

The you still on good and bad

We are going to the Albos everywhere

I am not poor, as are the Crusaders

I am well I want to Albo

Although we diiiiigan

That we are cogoteros

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