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Letra de la canción

Chorus i
who do ya who do ya love love love
do you love me
where do ya where do ya hide your heart
do you hide it with me
Love love love
thats what the world
and the people are in search of
lovey dovey turtle dovey
everybody's looking for that warm fuzzy
more more galore
a homemade king but ya still want more
loot to boot
living large and your life's a hoot

repeat chorus i

love love love
love god far above you love
yourself your car your girl
your job your friends your house
your world your life
life life livin
the only true life
is the act of giving yourself
in true devotion
much much more than a romantic notion

chorus ii
do do do ya love me
love love love me do
who do ya who do ya love love love
do you love me

who ya gonna give your heart to
to the glory or the flame
who ya gonna praise forever
wordly treasures or jesus' name

repeat chorus i & ii

fuente: musica.com

Audio Adrenaline
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