Catch 22

Letra de la canción

Sister sweet sister can you wash away my sins?
Sister sweet sister can you make me pure again?
Sister sweet sister can you take away my pain?
Can you make me pure again?
[ verse 1 ]
Violated no respect for human life
Stupid and senseless
Random acts of violence
Look into the eyes of a mother of a murdered child
Is nothing truly pure?
Not only did her child die
So did a part of her
[ chorus ]
Innocense lost
Hear the cleansing water run
Screaming you're not dreaming
Bad blood through and through
Wicked from the womb
[ verse 2 ]
Persecuted just for the color of your skin
Guilty of being white
Reverse racism
The onlt time we're equal is when we die
Is nothing truly fair?
The only things in life we are guaranteed
Death and taxes the powers that be
[ chorus ]\u003c/i\u003e [ solo ]
[ verse 3 ]
The visions faded it's the blind leading the blind
Freedom's never free
Where's the heaven that we seek
Take a look around and tell me what you see
Is nothing sacred?You tell me
Open up your eyes and read between the lies
The truth is still stuck in their teeth
[ chorus ]

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Catch 22
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