Officer Negative

Letra de la canción

Drawing back, now I see
The pile of, broken tools
Beneath the dust, in the darkness
Some were useful once, but like me some never been
We all lie stagnant, with our hands around our necks
Rusted with, discussions from the past
First shaft of light, sting my eyes
But I welcome the warmth, to burn the scars

But I hold so closely, the things that I despise
Someone make me useful, something give me life
I had a taste of something real, but I quickly shut the door
Just want to leave it all, on the pile on the floor
I've opened up before, that's how I've been destroyed
Shattered by those I love, my hinges are rusted shut

I know what I must do
Pry open my heart again
In faith that you oh God
Will never do the same

Drop all that I've become, it's so hard to let my whole life go
Like a soft breeze, you blow it all away
Scales have finally been removed, the scars start to fade
Is this it? The truth I've been looking for
It is! Jesus I give it all
Come, make me new again

Letra añadida por: MiNgO (#20.326)

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