Letra de la canción

The ephemeral light flashes while the time is flowing
Believing that the world remembered as marking the path
asía security
Nobody else saw the dream I saw

When leaving everything necessary
I can not take the wishes and keep them in my heart
Even during the interval between the ideal and reality
I have spent my feet bound as a victim in a sacrifice
Too much is the pressure and my pulse overwhelm asin
For my heart desired with all its forces

Lie, fear, ostentation, tristura
There is a lot of negativity
I am caught without delicacy
Being a liar immune to loneliness

A group of buildings drilled in the night sky
Where stars and we no longer see them
I wonder if any "Do not be hesitant?"
The spots completely flooded things in this city
For the resalid not omit anything

Tomorrow at the end of the road will join
This hand with the things he saw sustain

I close my eyes and feelings float in a sea
In imagine as a hand drawing days ideals

The limiting of "truth" in the adoption of this society
To be withers in a entupida equality
The thing that I can not get the guardare like any other

It crystallizes my name to say "myself"

I continue to move with beautiful things
Asta someday change the reality
Continue with my stubborn hope
It's just my faith. The truth obsolete

The ephemeral light flashes while the time is flowing
Believing that the world remembers him as a mark path to security

Letra añadida por: gordo yankee

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