Raul Seixas

Letra de la canción

I don't really need you anymore
I've told you that some time before
You never got to understand,
And not even care to be my friend

I don't really need you anymore

I can do better by myself
When I was "low" you'd put me down, so down
You've a stone right in my way
I never had the guts to say

I don't really need you anymore

You got your chance to go right now
Before I knock you on the ground
Now I'm so clear and I can see
You've never been the girl, for me, man

I'd work at day and work at night
Trying hard to make you feel all right
You never shower cooperation
Too cool to show consideration, now

I don't really need you anymore
fuente: musica.com

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Raul Seixas
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