Letra de la canción

Night after night, doubt the blame
Linger, sleeping streets
Night after night, I remember your name
It's time for goodbye
And arrives empty, dries the rocio
Struggling with ancias perdias
The moon cry and found lastido
Because it shows that bleeding wound

It is not what cuantan, the notes are siertas
Forgive, but that is a lie
Creeme and so you must poseerme and now is not life
Remember that together, a dream world of flowers and poetry
And now that I only live voice you feel, let me lifeless ..

Night after night wife is the wound!
It looks lu wound that left what I hicite with your game
Night after night women will wound!
And with so much love is not worth the effort we could not do a single life
Night after night wife is the wound!
You see, you see, is, is, is, is the wound!

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