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Letra de la canción

There's nothing in your pocket
Except a ball of lint
A copper zippo lighter
Which hasn't any flint

You have no dinner jacket
Or fine automobile
You have no tips to offer
You have no cards to deal

It's really very simple
It's all arithmatic
A twenty gets you plenty
It's the cash that turns the trick

When you've got no money
You get no honey
And no money
It gets no honey

There's nothing in your wallet
Except a photograph
Of Farrah Fawcett Majors
And her phony autograph

You haven't got a stereo
Or killer bachelor pad
In fact the girl you made in college
Was the first and last you had

'Cause you got no money
So, you get no honey
And no money
Gets no honey
No money
You get no honey

Letra añadida por: EL JAVI

Marcy Playground
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