Disco 'Aces' (1991) al que pertenece la canción 'Yellow River Road'

Yellow River Road

Suzy Bogguss


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We've sure had the snow for December
Just one open road to town
But it's three night's runnin' I've stood here
Watchin' you headed back down that
Yellow river road

Now this winter is closin' in
Looks like it's gonna be long and hard
Go on down be with your friends
Just don't go too far

Down the yellow river road
You know I always say that you
Ought to go
When you need some time alone
But if there's anything else pullin' you
Down that way
Then you ought to know
You've gone too far-down the
Yellow river road

That roads goes lots of places
But don't forget it's my road too
And I won't have friends with guilty faces
Watchin' me walkin' with you down the
Yellow river road

Could be all this snow that's fallin'
Makin' me think there's something wrong
But that road goes both ways darlin'
You could come home

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