A World Without Love de Bonnie Pink

A World Without Love

Bonnie Pink


The gentle morning rays of light
fall upon the sheets where we slept last night
and the story they're telling
is onde of foolishness and passion
won't be very long till they're just memories

(loving you)

Uncertainty abounds
confusions all around
and though we seek to find the truth
we start to tear our world apart

And if you'd hold me in your arms
i would feel so safe, free from any harm
but the story we're living
is just ilusion and deceit
won't be very long till the happiness fades

(a world without love)

A world without love would be so perfect
A world without love would be so perfect
there'd be no hate
and no reason to cry
no more stories to tell
there'd be no lies
in a world without love
there'd be no cause to cry

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