Peter Frampton

Letra de la canción

All these years that I've been searching
Lost in the shadow of self doubt
Never knowing where to run to
Trying to figure it all out
Yeah, there were moments but they didn't last
They say it's my foolish pride
Built a wall around my heart
Kept it all inside

Then You
Came to me
And You
Set me free

I'm crying out but no one hears me
Disappears in the wind
Hear these voices inside me
Echoing the soul within
I was trying to remember
How it feels when things are right
No hope for the future
When there's no love in sight

Then You
Came to me
And You
Set me free

We walk this path together
May our aim stay true
Hold on to the passion
There's only one way to go
You don't have to force it
Just let love grow

Oh You
Came to me
And You
Set me free

Still can't believe
That You
Came to me

Peter Frampton
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