Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Letra de la canción

You and i will meet again
when we're least expecting it
one day in some far off place
i will recognize your face
i won't say good-bye my friend
for you and i will meet again
I heard you singing to no one
i saw you dancing all alone
one day you belonged to me
next day i just wouldn't know
someday all the rules will bend
and you and i will meet again
I've got a feeling
i've got a feeling so strong
maybe someday our paths will cross
A red-winged hawk is circling
the blacktop stretches out for days
how could i get so close to you
and still feel so far away?
i hear a vo ice come on the wind
sayin' you and i will meet again
i don't know how, i don't know when
but you and i will meet again


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