Letra de la canción

I should have known that you'd be this way
You give me love then you take it away
You just don't know how your making me feel
Please understand what I'm feeling is real
I gave my love to you
I thought your heart was true
But now what can I do
You said you'd leave me
That you would always need me
And I believed in you

Don't waste my time
Tell me what's on your mind
Is this a game are you playing hard to get
Don't waste my time
I won't be here forever
I've got to know
If your for real or just wasting my time

You run around your just playing a game
Just let me know if you don't fell the same
It's plain to see what your doing to me
Please understand that I need to be free

You gave your heart to me
But I was blind to see that love can be so cruel
You said you'd never leave me
But baby please believe me
I will not be your fool

(Chorus 5x)

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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