Letra de la canción

You said you love me, the kind of love that never fades
You made a promise to never take your love away
I'd never thought that you would ever be unkind to me
But I was blind you lied to me
And Know I'm standing here the tears are rushing down my face
You say that one day I'll find someone to take your place
Want to be my friend, well then show me how to love again

Heal my broken heart, the one you caused to fall apart
Show me where to start I want you to heal my broken heart
Heal my broken heart, with out your love I can't go one
Show me where to start I want you to heal my broken heart

You said your happy she's the one that you've been searching for
But you know it hurts me, I cause I used to be the one before
Baby can't you see, you mean everything to me
And you'd say you never say things to hurt me, but the love you felt is gone
And you say that one day, I will forget you learn to carry one

(Chorus 3x)
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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