Hijos De La Calle de Mac Salvador

Hijos De La Calle en inglés

Mac Salvador


Hijos De La Calle (en inglés)

Since i am very child sufriendo
In this world
Why he suffered in past stuff
Que me atormentan
By which direction in meat the evil of own people
Today that have me entristecido
Conoci no love for mother
In less than one parent
From vine to this world has not me respetaron
Hice me alone in this life with recentimientos
Have a heart
Endurecido but that there times
Le pido god
Le i ask the lord
Hard to make me it's more
With this suerte
I want my desertar cariño
Always sufrire
Is my destination
It's more
Cruel to punishment

Much time by the company
Me a marginado
By caprichos of that people
No feelings
If you are in world acabando is fault of them
That no longer have
A heart
Therefore i am cansado of sufrir
Vivendo continue in this world has no sense
If you want to be en querido, ser respetado
In this world inhumano
Le i ask me to god
Que me of forces
Demostrarle for the people
Can i boj
Ni desmayar
Want germinar
With my seeds
A better world
And in the future
Not see more
Sons of the street

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