Letra de la canción

Come inside my friend
and then please shut the door
'bout the world outside
i just can't take no more
i'm tired of all this vanity,
this unjust hypocrisy
only here with you
i find a sense of home
you must be a man of another kind
you can understand me,
you can ease my mind
but i'm not in love with you
there is nothing i can do
you might think that i must be a fool
you gotta have this feeling
maybe it's just a matter of chemistry
to gain the same amount of reciprocity
i just love you as a friend
and i hope you'll understand
you have always meant so much to me
You could simply be
my perfect man it's true
so tell me
can i learn to fall in love with you?
in the past i had to learn
all that glitters is not gold
you're the last one that i wanna hurt
you gotta have this feeling


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